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Tim Cox Cowboy and Western Art Prints

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Tim Cox - Date Night - NEW! - Canvas Giclee
Tim Cox - Horse Whisperer - NEW!
Tim Cox - Storm On The Mountain - NEW!
Tim Cox - Hoping For Rain - Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox - For Bragging Rights - NEW!
Tim Cox - Through Dawns Dusty Light - NEW!
Tim Cox - Gathering Storm - Signed & Numbered Canvas Giclee
Tim Cox - A Storm Across the Valley - Canvas Giclee
Tim Cox - If These Walls Could Talk - Limited Edition
Tim Cox - Maybe It Will Be A Good Year  - S/N Print
Tim Cox - Mugged - Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox - Peaceful Waters  - Cowboy and Horse Print
Tim Cox - Spring - Longhorn & Calf Print
Tim Cox - At The End Of The Day -  Canvas Giclee
Tim Cox - Trading Treasures - Limited Edition
Tim Cox - Cloud Watchers - Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox - Peace of Mind -  Signed & Numbered Print
Tim Cox - Whassup - Signed & Numbered Horse Print
Tim Cox - Who Dat - Signed & Numbered Horse Print
Tim Cox - Night Breezes - Signed & Numbered Horse Print
Tim Cox - When Horse Whispering Gets Loud - Ltd Edition
Tim Cox - A Lot Like Heaven - Limited Edition Canvas Giclee
Tim Cox - Straight From The Well - Cowboy Print
Tim Cox - More Than Just A Horse - Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox - Spring Branding -  Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox - The Blowup - Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox - Summer Breezes - Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox  Reflections of a Passing Day   Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox - Found - Limited Edition Print - Rare
Tim Cox - Where Change Comes Slowly - Canvas Giclee
Tim Cox - Reluctant Company - Canvas Limited Edition
Tim Cox - A Well Earned Drink - Publishers Proof  UNAVAILABLE
Tim Cox - Long Days Short Pay -  Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox - Cowboy Cut -  Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox - Crossing The Creek  -  Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox - October Mist -  Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox - I Should Have Been A Stockbroker - Limited Edition
Tim Cox - Rumbling Thunder -  Limited Edition Print
Tim Cox  - Where The Sun Shines On The Mountain Top -  Limited Edition
Tim Cox - Heart and Home - Shipped Fast, Shipped Free
Tim Cox - Rocky Mountain Paradise - Large Canvas Giclee
Tim Cox - As Good as it Gets - Canvas Transfer
Tim Cox - Racing Sundown - Cowboy and Horse Print
Tim Cox - Where Mountains Reach The Sky - Shipped Fast, Shipped Free
Tim Cox - Cow Horse Country - Limited Edition
Tim Cox - Face To Face - Ships Quickly - Ships Free
Tim Cox - Twilight - Cowboy & Horse Art Print
Tim Cox - Her Chance to Dance - Shipped Fast, Shipped Free
Tim Cox - Along Eagle Creek -  Limited Edition Print UNAVAILABLE

Horse and Western artist Tim Cox was born in 1957 in Arizona and grew up in the small farming and ranching community of Duncan, near the New Mexico state line. When only 5 years old, Tim vowed he "was going to be a cowboy artist" when he grew up. He currently lives in northern New Mexico and is considered one of the great western artists of our time. U.S. Art's "Gallery owners survey" named Tim one of the top two most popular Western print artists in 1999.While most of his time is consumed by painting, Tim continues to raise cattle and train his horses. He also finds the time to coach young riders who compete in cutting competitions and other competitive horse events. Tim combines the basic ingredients of color, value, perspective and pleasing design with his desire to be a perfectionist in portraying the real working cowboy. This attention to exactness is appreciated by most ranchers and cowboys as well as the recreation horse owners around the world.In 1999, Tim was commissioned to paint Kentucky Derby winner "Silver Charm" and a leading racing quarter-horse sire, "First Down Dash". He was the featured artist at the annual Cattleman's Western Art Show in San Luis Obisbo and was recently invited to show at the prestigious Prix de West Show at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City this coming June. Tim has won the Olaf Weighorst award twice at the Mountain Oyster Club Art Show in Tucson, Arizona. He is also featured in U.S. Art and Art of the West magazines. Elegant Horse Pictures is proud to offer you the outstanding work of award winning artist Tim Cox.

Tim Cox was honored with one of the most prestigious awards in the world of western art June 14th at the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. The National Academy of Western Art chose Cox's painting, "On to Better Pastures", for the coveted Prix de West Purchase Award. Cox's was the judge's favorite of the almost 300 paintings at the 2003 Prix de West Show, which featured the works of ninety-two highly acclaimed artists. The $20,000 oil was purchased by the hall to be part of the museum's permanent collection. Tim Cox is a prize-winning artist from the Elegant Horse Picture family specializing in Traditional Cowboy Prints and Cowboy Art. In addition, Tim Cox is also an accomplished artist when it comes to Traditional Cowboy Prints such as Vintage Cowboy Art and Vintage Western Art. Be it Vintage Cowboy Art or Vintage Western Art, Tim Cox has managed to capture magic in all his works.

Tim Cox Art Prints