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David DeVary was born in 1942 and was raised in Bloomington, Illinois.

At age 18, he moved to Chicago where he lived and worked for almost 30 years.

David Devary attended the Art Institute of Chicago and received an art scholarship to Wesleyan University.

After completing his education, he worked in advertising as an Art Director, moving up to the position of Creative Director/Senior V.P. at J. Walter Thompson in Chicago.

His clients ranged from McDonald's and Pizza Hut to Hallmark cards and Kraft Foods. While in the advertising Business, David earned many awards for his print ads and television commercials, including the New York Clio and the prestigious Gold Lion at the 1984 Cannes Film Festival.

Described recently in a major publication as a "New West" artist, DeVary's sleekly painted cowboys and cowgirls, surrounded in silver, gold, and copper metallic leaf exude a definite "ATTITUDE."

They are introspective figures whose body language and mannerisms are so relaxed and confident that they capture the romantic and idealized good feelings associated with the western myth and the "American Dream."

Rather than depict formal portraits or action shots, David DeVary prefers to show his characters just before or after they have finished fighting it out with a bull or waiting on the sidelines relaxing before the next competition.

In surrounding his figures with metallic leaf, the images become more of a symbol or icon, rather than a depiction of the reality of a particular person or place. As a result, the work of David DeVary takes on a larger-than-life quality representing the embodiment of repressed wishes and desires of a modern society.