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Linda Nelson Stocks - Skater's Pond - Limited Edition Print

Linda Nelson Stocks - Skater's Pond - Limited Edition Print

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Product Description

13" x 16" limited Edition Horse Art Print (only 1500 printed) by Linda Nelson Stocks

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This print is signed & numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

When the air turns cold and the snow is deep, the people of the Sangamon River Valley begin searching inside their homes for the ice skates.

Challengers and wagers, concerning remarkable skating speeds, are exchanged while skates are carefully sharpened.

The sound of sleigh bells ring in the air as sleighs arrive full of laughing children eager to spend a long winter's afternoon circling Skater's Pond.

Thoughtful Mrs. Mitchell has brought a packed picnic basket in her sleigh.

She will share its hearty fare with her daughters, Nellie and Minnie, who are gracefully skating in dainty circles.

it provides them with the perfect opportunity to display mother's creativity which is evidenced by their lovely skating costumes.

Young Jonathan is intent on practicing for the skating race to be held on Skater's Pond tomorrow.

First prize will be a shiny new pair of skates. Neighbors enjoy each others company as they stroll the banks of the pond.

The children beg to go inside the inn for frothy cups of hot chocolate. The inn's proprietor, Mrs Hunter, always floats a big flat marshmallow on top of the steamy beverage.

Many small faces and a few larger ones will be sporting white mustaches.

After warming cold hands and feet over the roaring fire inside the inn, tired but happy skaters will climb into their sleighs and let their horses find the way home.


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