Loren Entz Art Prints of Cowboys and Horses
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Loren Entz Art Prints of Cowboys and Horses

The paintings of Loren Entz reflect many things - his love for beauty, simplicity, grace, gentleness, and a timeless, personal relationship between his subjects and the world. Whether he is doing a simple study of a young girl picking flowers or of a mother and daughter engrossed in home chores, Entzí art captures the heart, soul, and beauty of his subjects and their environment.

As a child, Loren Entz always wanted to be an artist. And while other children were playing, Entz spent his time drawing. After high school, he received further art training through college courses and the Famous Artists School. Like many artists, he spent a number of years in commercial art, before giving up city life and moving to Montana in 1979.

When he found a publication that contained the work of fellow Prix de West artist Bill Owen, Loren Entz was surprised to discover artists actually made a living doing fine art. In only two years, he too, began calling himself a professional artist.

A member of Cowboy Artists of America since 1992, Entz hopes his work depicts a fresh look at another dimension of the American West. Working primarily in oils, in his first four years as a member of the CAA, he received two Gold and three Silver Medals.

In January 2000, Loren Entz was profiled in the Kerrville Daily Times, in connection with a class he was conducting for the CAA Museum. His work was featured in a retrospective there from January through March. Entz was also featured in the January/February 2000 issue of Art of the West. In the article, he noted, ďIím a very passionate person, and I feel an artist should paint passionately, expressing his or her feelings in every brush stroke. Itís important that brush strokes reveal the subject.Ē

In a profile in InformArt, he said, "I donít want to repeat what others have said well." Instead, his love for beauty comes across in his landscapes and flowers. In addition, he often concentrates on women, whom he says, "brought a quality of gentleness and refinement to this harsh wilderness."

Entz believes hard work is the catalyst to a truly happy life, and in his paintings he strives to portray his subjects in such a manner. The selection of his work is based on what he feels inside. Deeply involved with his work, Entz often develops emotional attachment to each piece, sometimes a serious dilemma for a professional hoping to sell his work.

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