Nancy Glazier - High Ground - Bison Print
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Nancy Glazier - High Ground - Bison Print

Nancy Glazier - High Ground - Bison Print

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11 x 14 paper print of three bison by artist Nancy Glazier. It is also available in several limited edition sizes as a canvas giclee.

This trio of bison has found a spot to rest on the "High Ground."

Lush grasses surround and cushion them on the windswept hillside.

With the security and comfort of having its mother nearby, the bison calf enjoys its rest as these monarchs of the plains take in the view from "High Ground."

Also available:
11 x 14 signed paper print for $50.00
11 x 14 canvas giclee for $85.00
11 x 14 signed canvas giclee for $110.00
16 x 24 signed & numbered paper giclee (only 950 available) for $210.00
20 x 30 signed & numbered canvas giclee (only 595 available) for $365.00
20 x 30 artist proof signed & numbered canvas giclee (only 50 available) for $465.00
24 x 36 signed & numbered canvas giclee (only 35 available) for $565.00
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