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Man O' War - 1920 Belmont Stakes - Art Print

Man O' War - 1920 Belmont Stakes - Art Print
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8 x 10 photograph of Man O War at the 1920 Belmont Stakes

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8 x 10 (photo only) for $24.95
11 x 14 (photo only) for $49.95
16 x 20 (photo only) for $69.95
20 x 24 (photo only) for $99.95
24 x 30 (photo only) for $129.95

Matted And Mounted Photos

11 x 14 for $79.95
16 x 20 for $139.95

Matted And Framed Photos

Framed in beautiful mahogany

8 x 10 for $119.95 (unsigned matted & framed photo)
11 x 14 for $189.95 (unsigned matted & framed photo)
16 x 20 for $289.95 (unsigned matted & framed photo)
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An example of the framed photo
This one is framed in mahogany

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Man O' War - 1920 Belmont Stakes - Art Print