Charles Wysocki - Gay Head Light - Horse & Buggy Canvas Giclee

Charles Wysocki - Gay Head Light - Horse & Buggy Canvas Giclee

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10 x 12 gallery wrapped open edition giclee on canvas of a lighthouse in the fall surrounded by pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns by artist Charles Wysocki

This was on Martha's Vineyard at Gay Head. The house looked like something out of Teddy Roosevelt's time. All that's left now is the tower. It was on a nice, high perch but from some viewpoints, you could not see the sea. The children were inspired by Winslow Homer because he created them as down-to-earth and charming.

They are symbols of another time . . . monuments of a simpler, gentler era . . . guardians and guideposts for safe passage. They are lighthouses and for years they have been staples of Charles Wysocki's wonderful work.

"They are unique expressions of human creativity, Wysocki has said. Physically, they represent triumphant solutions to complex engineering problems. Emotionally, they exemplify drama, rescue, poetry, romance, grandeur, nostalgia and artistry.

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