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Kathy Winkler - Presenting Himself - Longhorn Print

Kathy Winkler - Presenting Himself - Longhorn Print
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21.5" x 18" texas longhorn print by artist Kathy Winkler

Choices available:
21.5" x 18" open edition print for $34.95
21.5" x 18" Canvas edition for $179.95
21.5" x 18" Gallery wrapped canvas for $244.95
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The Texas longhorn is known for, what else, it's horns. They can extend up to 120 inches from tip to tip.

The Texas longhorn Longhorn can flourish in country where other cattle breeds can't. Their diet can consist of weeds, cactus and other brush. They can go days without water and exist in all sorts of climates.

They aren't only found in Texas but in many other Western states.

These days, the Texas longhorns are mainly used as a beef stock. But many Texans, keep herds purely because of the part that they play in Texas history.

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Kathy Winkler - Presenting Himself - Longhorn Print