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Andy Thomas - The Republican Club

Andy Thomas - The Republican Club
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See a framed version of The Republican Club

President Donald Trump makes his debut in the newest of artist Andy Thomas's series of presidents of the United States of America.

Every Republican that has been president of the United States is in the image. Some are easier to find than others. But they're there!

This artwork currently hangs in the White House.
A 60 Minutes interview of the president on 10/14/18 confirmed this.

Sizes/Editions Available:
11 x 17 signed open edition paper print for $60
12 x 18 signed open edition canvas giclee for $175
20 x 30 limited edition giclee on paper for $195 (edition of 2018)
20 x 30 limited edition giclee on canvas for $395 (edition of 2018)
24 x 36 limited edition giclee on canvas for $695 (edition of 2018)
24 x 36 limited edition artist proof on canvas for $995 (edition of 218)
30 x 45 limited edition tribute giclee on canvas for $995 (edition of 2018)
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Can you name the presidents in the background as well as the foreground?
And who is the mystery woman? Could it be the future first female president of the United States?

Q - What is a giclee?
A - a giclee (pronounced GEE-CLAY) is a French word meaning "spray of ink". It is superior to all other forms of art reproduction. It's high-resolution. Think of it as comparable to Hi-Def television.

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Andy Thomas - The Republican Club