Andy Thomas - Band Played On - Signed & Numbered Print
Andy Thomas - Band Played On - Signed & Numbered Print

Andy Thomas - Band Played On - Signed & Numbered Print

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This print (also called "Pirate Party") is a "can you spot the famous rock stars and musicians who died young"?

There are 26 entertainers in this piece of art.

Choices available:
11 x 14 paper print for $45
11 x 14 handsigned paper print for $55
12 x 16 canvas giclee for $105
12 x 16 signed canvas giclee for $125
21 x 28 limited edition paper giclee for $175 (2500 available)
21 x 28 artist proofs for $200 (20 available)
21 x 28 canvas editions for $395 (1000 available)
21 x 28 artist proofs on canvas for $495 (100 available)
30 x 40 canvas giclees for $995 (750 available)
30 x 40 artist proof canvas giclees for $1195 (75 available)
36 x 48 grande edition canvas giclee for $1,500 (250 available)
36 x 48 artist proof grande edition canvas giclee for $1,750 (25 available)
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There are 26 famous musicians depicted.
They span all music styles.
Some had tragic deaths.
The clues range from broad to specific lyrics of a song.
Clues are in no particular order.

These are the clues:

1. This great is having fun on the bayou.
2. He is looking swell.
3. Sheer left-handed perfection!
4. “Dialing for Dollars” was looking for this great.
5. He was a ’shaded’ man.
6. Time gets all bottled up.
7. They were all strangers before tonight.
8. Imagine the fun at this party!
9. This person is at ‘Home’ at this party.
10. No body can style like her.
11. He’s a hungry fellow.
12. Good Mojo, mahn.
13. Everyone knows what is going on at this party.
14. You just can’t trust some days.
15. A man in evening attire fits in rather well here.
16. 17. They’ll be here till the sun rises.
17. No one here is lonesome tonight.
18. His music was all piano at any party.
19. She is missing her sweetheart tonight.
20. Polly wants a cracker.
21. She can belt out the blues.
22. Apparently, he is out of the slammer!
23. She walked to this party.
24. There is a Queen in the crowd.
25. Stopped by the party but this great is actually at the station.
26. This great wants to dance till dawn.

Andy Thomas has an amazing ability to tell a story in his paintings.

In this image, many of the music world's late, great talents gather together in a scene that captures the viewer's imagination.

You will recognize many of the most famous and favorite muscians and beloved icons of all time.

Can you find the many personalities at this party?

The greats included in this image are: Hank Williams, Louis Armstrong, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Roy Orbison, Jim Croce, Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, John Denver, Bessie Smith, Bill Haley, Jim Morrison, Marvin Gaye, Cass Elliott, Sam Cook, Jerry Garcia, Elvis, Scott Joplin, Selena, Kurt Cobain, Billie Holliday, Jimmie Rodgers, Patsy cline, Aaliyah, Buddy Holly, and a "mystery man."

Who's the pirate, why, Andy, of course! DF

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