Linda Nelson Stocks - Autumn Bounty - Limited Edition
Now in our 21st Year
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Linda Nelson Stocks - Autumn Bounty - Limited Edition

Linda Nelson Stocks - Autumn Bounty - Limited Edition

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Product Description

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Is this print framed?

This print is not framed.

How many of these prints exist?

There were 1,750 "Autumn Bounty" prints published.

How soon will it ship?

This item is in stock and will ship out the same day or next business day depending upon the time of day that you order it.

What courier will be used?

Priority Mail from the US Postal Service

When will I receive it?

You will receive it in 2-4 business days. A tracking number will be emailed to you as soon as it is shipped.

How will it be packaged?

It will be shipped flat with the corners protected.

Does it come in another size?

It is available in a 16 x 30 size only. The size is approximate.

Where will it ship from?

This item will ship from Maryville IL (12 miles east of St. Louis)

Can this item ship overnight?

Yes, the cost depends on where it is being shipped to. Please call us at 866-333-5963 (8 am to midnight Central time) and we will discuss.

Can ElegantHorsePictures frame it for me?

We recommend that you purchase the print and obtain the frame locally. This would be the most economical avenue for you.

A good practice would be to Google "frame shops near (your city)". A list of shops usually appears with plenty of information about each one.

If you do not have access to a framer, we have access to a skilled framer. Shipping costs for a framed print can be quite high. Call us at 866-333-5963 and we will discuss it with you.

What is the shipping cost?

The shipping costs are included in the price. In other words, you do not pay for shipping in the USA.

In Canada, the shipping costs are $19 (USD) for this item. If your total order total exceeds $150 (USD) there is no cost for shipping.

In other countries, the shipping cost will be $31 (USD) but shipping is free if your total order exceeds $200.

Is it guaranteed?

We guarantee satisfaction for 60 days. It can be returned for a refund. If it is returned, it must be returned in an undamaged condition. We also have a 10% restocking fee. If the issue is a fault of ours, you will not pay the restocking fee or the shipping costs.

What is this item printed on?

It is printed on high quality paper

Is this print signed & numbered by the artist?

Yes, she signed and numbered it in pencil. It's usually in the right or left bottom corner.

Does it come with a certificate of authenticity?


Why is this item so pricey?

It is simply because of supply and demand. These Linda Nelson Stocks limited edition prints are hard to find and people are willing to pay for them.

Could this print be a good investment?

Yes, this print could rise in value. It could also decline in value. Many people simply collect them and never frame them.

How can I contact Linda Nelson Stocks?

Sadly, Linda Nelson Stocks passed away in 2011 at the age of 72 in Connecticut.

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