Roger Archibald Horse and Western Art Prints
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Roger Archibald Horse and Western Art Prints

Born and raised in Arizona, Roger Archibald was like many young men who become enthralled with cowboying. Roger worked full time on ranches and feedlots. Looking back, he regrets that he did not take his art more seriously, but admits that when you are 19, it's a whole lot more fun to rope and doctor one than it was to sit and draw one.

Western Artist Roger Archibald has spent the last 25 years as a union electrician and is now a full time artist. His artwork can be seen at such shows as the Mountain Oyster Western Art Show in Tucson, the Arizona National Livestock Cowboy Classics Western Art Show, the National Western Art Show in San Dimas, California and many more.

Roger Archibald strives for authenticity and realism in all his work. He stays in touch with the western way of life and helps out when time allows.

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