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Rich Gabriel - Remember When.... - Limited Edition

Rich Gabriel - Remember When.... - Limited Edition
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Limited edition signed and numbered Saratoga art print by artist Rich Gabriel

Caption Reads:

Remember when...

The early morning workouts at Saratoga may be the most serene, peaceful, and enjoyable part of the racing day. On quiet, foggy mornings only the rhythmic beating of the thunderous hooves and the horse's heavy snorting are noted. But perhaps the sentimental spectator, with eyes straining through the murky mist, may catch a glimpse of past glory and perfection. For a fleeting moment, Ron Turcotte and Secretariat are once again streaking over the race course. Now looking back, if only we knew it would all go by so fast. The mind sighs ...and remembers when...

Print Size 17" x 23"

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Rich Gabriel - Remember When.... - Limited Edition