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Mary Wyant Western and Native American Art

Mary E. Wyant was born in 1939 and received two degrees in design at Wayne State University in Detroit. She moved to Tucson, Arizona to teach Interior Design at the University of Arizona. In 1982, she met Lawrence W. Lee who became her mentor. The two of the got married the next year, and Mary became a full time artist. Using acrylics, she creates captivation images of the Southwest including pueblos, pottery and Native American women wrapped in traditional clothing. She says, "My work is vibrant and open-ended. I paint images that leave questions unanswered so that the viewer can finish the painting in his or her own mind. Is that woman happy or sad, young or old? Who lives inside that dwelling, is anyone there? These aspects of my work and my imagination come together creating a colorful and exciting expression of what I see and feel." Mary and Lawrence own homes in both Tucson and Belize and own Gallery 299 in Tucson.

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