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Bonnie Marris - Morning Run - Horse Giclee

Bonnie Marris - Morning Run - Horse Giclee
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30 x 42 limited edition signed & numbered giclee on canvas (100 in edition) by artist Bonnie Marris

The horses in "Morning Run" are the embodiment of freedom, pounding forward, needing only to run.

The personality of each horse and their motion can be clearly seen: the strong second-in-command just behind the leader, jockeying for position; the skittish and focused chestnut and the haughty, almost balletic grays at the borders of the group.

Considered individually, the horses are magnificent; but as Bonnie Marris paints them, as a herd in motion, they are breathtaking.

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43 x 60 signed and numbered giclee on canvas (50 in edition) for $2750.00
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Bonnie Marris - Morning Run - Horse Giclee