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Bonnie Marris - Maxfield’s Garden - Horse Giclee

Bonnie Marris - Maxfield’s Garden - Horse Giclee
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24 x 24 limited edition signed & numbered giclee on canvas (100 in edition) by artist Bonnie Marris

The first year of a foal’s life is essential to its development into a strong and healthy adult horse. For the first few months, the mare will devote her energy to protecting her foal from predators and the elements and from other curious horses in the herd. After three months or so the mare will assume the role of teacher for her foal. By carefully observing its mother’s behavior, the foal will gain a gentle introduction to finding food and water, recog-nizing danger and social dynamics within the herd. Like a human mother, the mare assesses her foal’s needs and provides for them with a tenderness that touches the heart. Bonnie Marris’ wildlife family scenes echo human experiences that are both beautiful and universal. Like "Queen Anne’s Lace," her popular mother-and-foal scene, "Maxfield’s Garden" is a sweet tribute to the most perfect bond of all.

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35 x 35 signed and numbered giclee on canvas (50 in edition) for $1650.00
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Bonnie Marris - Maxfield’s Garden - Horse Giclee