Linda Carter Holman Western Art Prints
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Linda Carter Holman Western Art Prints

Renowned artist, Linda Carter Holman, brings a vibrantly rich world to life through a variety of artistic media. Born in March, 1949, Holman spent part of her childhood in Venezuela and then was brought up in Cushing, Oklahoma. At about the age of 20, she began to explore her artistic nature through painting. Holman also works in ceramics, print making and bronze sculpture. She taught herself how to use these media to express her fervent imagination, and she became well known as a Naive-Sophisticate artist. While the flowing and seemingly innocent nature of Holman's work is what draws the viewer into her colorful world, it is her sense of humor and talent for detail that bring the viewer back into her paintings again and again. In her works, the viewer senses an excitement for life. Linda can take a simple act or seemingly mundane task and make it interesting. A cow grazing, a squirrel gathering nuts, or a beautiful young woman reading a book, evoke special feelings and bring new meaning to these actions. Lush and beautiful, her paintings invite one to take part in a fanciful, two-dimensional dance. her works are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also challenge the viewer to create new and vivid perspectives on life. "I fill the canvas as life is full and worth living. Here on the canvas people live a rich existence, rich in the sense that they can make the best of what there is."

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