Judy Larson - The Gift - Horse Print
Judy Larson - The Gift - Horse Print

Judy Larson - The Gift - Horse Print

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12 x 25 limited edition (only 1000 available) signed & numbered print by artist Judy Larson

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13 x 27 signed & numbered (only 200) giclee on canvas for $545.00
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Loyalty is a passion, a belief, a gift bestowed only upon those who earn it. Few leaders fired the vehemence of loyalty greater than Tatanka Iyotake, Sitting Bull of the Lakota. To the first people, loyalty was not only a characteristic of man, but also extended to the natural and animal world. In his final years, Sitting Bull proudly rode Circus Horse, a gift from Wild West impresario Wild Bill. Some scoffed at the horse, trained to act and dance in the renowned traveling show, but Sitting Bull recognized in Circus Horse the fire of a true noble spirit.

This was the late 1800s, the time of the Ghost Dance, a ceremony to rid the land of white people and restore the Indiansí way of life. The American government feared that Sitting Bull would join the movement and bring the Lakota with him. Indian police were sent to arrest him, and a battle quickly ensued. At the sound of bullets, Circus Horse began the act he had been trained to do: a dance of pawing the ground and throwing his mane. To the Lakota it was far more.

Circus Horse remained at Sitting Bullís side throughout the melee and after the Chief was struck down he danced for hours more, an awe-inspiring display of loyalty and respect. Despite the number of rounds flying and his size as a target, Circus Horse was not struck by a single bullet, further testifying to his powerful spirit.

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