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Judy Larson - Boys to Men - Horse Print

Judy Larson - Boys to Men - Horse Print
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16 x 19 limited edition print (only 150 available) signed & numbered by artist Judy Larson

Can you find the hidden horses? Concealed imagery has long been a hallmark of Judy Larson’s intricate scratchboard art, the second part to any story she tells in a painting.

Young colts don’t leave the herd of their own volition; they are forced out so that they do not become a challenge to the main stallion, their father. These young bachelors will band together for protection, companionship and for the opportunity to practice their fighting skills so that one day, they can challenge a herd stallion and steal away mares for their own harem.

Their years in the bachelor herd are those years between their youth and adulthood, from the “terrible twos” onward. These boys will continually act up among themselves, out for domination of this all-male band. Judy shows this group engaged in such play and has hidden in each horse’s coat a reflection of itself as the foal he once was.

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20 x 24 signed & numbered (only 95 available) giclee on canvas for $495.00
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Judy Larson - Boys to Men - Horse Print