Martin Grelle - Rainy Autumn
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Martin Grelle - Rainy Autumn

Martin Grelle - Rainy Autumn

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12 x 9 paper print of a cowboy riding on a muddy road with his dog trailing behind him by artist Martin Grelle

The leaves are turning and the rains come, but little deters the working cowboy, his horse and his "side kick" as they return home along a muddy road.

The bunkhouse, warm and cozy, calls to him, and a warm barn promises his horse the comforts of home. And where does the side kick go? Well, he has his eye on some scraps from the table and a warm spot all his own in the barn.

Also available:
12 x 9 signed & numbered canvas (395 in edition) for $225.00
12 x 9 artist proof canvas (50 in edition) for $250.00
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