Martin Grelle - Eagle Prayer - UNAVAILABLE
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Martin Grelle - Eagle Prayer - UNAVAILABLE

Martin Grelle - Eagle Prayer - UNAVAILABLE

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32 x 40 signed and numbered canvas giclee by artist Martin Grelle (150 available).

Also available:
32 x 40 artist proof canvas giclee for $2,500 (15 available)
48 x 60 grande edition canvas giclee for $2,950 (35 available)
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A Crow (Apsaalooke) hunter raises his hand in prayer to the eagle as they pause on their late winter journey through what would become known as Jackson Hole.

The eagle typified courage, quickness, and strength to the Native American, and was prayed to in order to receive those abilities.

Perhaps in his vision quest he had received the eagle as his spiritual guide, and he is asking the eagle for help as they travel in search of elk.

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