Edward Aldrich Wildlife Artist
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Edward Aldrich Wildlife Artist

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“My best paintings are based on animals I have seen in the wild…I’ll do paintings directly from those photographs - I want to keep the feel of the scene I saw.”

Edward Aldrich creates his oil paintings on masonite in a big open studio which is part of his home in a western suburb of Denver. Several layers of glazing convey texture and gives the colors a brilliant depth.

Rocks are a passion of his. “ I just love rocks. …they have as much character as any animal. They are a wonderful complement to animals.” Reproducing the intricacies of various textures was a challenge that Edward Aldrich feels he has accomplished.Portraits are Edward Aldrich’s favorites because they focus the viewer’s attention and allow the artist to bring out the character of the animal.

Much of his process has involved determination and experimentation, though he learned some of the techniques at the Rhode Island School of Design (1983-87), attended Master Classes with Robert Bateman in British Columbia and has been to Africa several times to “see” the big cats in their element. "My goal as an artist is to keep exploring the idea of putting life into my paintings." For Edward Aldrich the future is bright and holds the promise of great things to come from this Colorado artist.

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