Bev Doolittle - The Arrival - Native American Print
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Bev Doolittle - The Arrival - Native American Print

Bev Doolittle - The Arrival - Native American Print

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6 x 35 limited edition signed & numbered paper giclee (2500 in edition) by artist Bev Doolittle

The first sight of buffalo ignites excitement within a party of scouts. The lives of these men and these animals are entwined together on the vast map of the Great Plains. The arrival of the buffalo will herald many celebrations. The Creator has bestowed an answer to the tribe’s prayers with a gift of rain and endless herds.

"A season of provisioning begins, as the resourceful Natives prepare to utilize every part of the bison for clothing, shelter, tools, weapons and food. A continuance of harmony and thanksgiving will propel the tribe for another year. Or, is there a storm-warning on the horizon?" - Bev Doolittle

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