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Kimerlee Curyl - Painted Sunset - Horse Print

Kimerlee Curyl - Painted Sunset - Horse Print

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"A beautiful mare, 'Paloma', was emaciated and pregnant in a Government holding pen after her capture.

The mare in the pen with her died shortly after giving birth.

"Return to Freedom" Wild Horse Sanctuary took Paloma and four orphaned foals from the pens and released them in the sanctuary.

To their surprise Paloma recovered and gave birth to a healthy, feisty filly named Francesca Rose.

Francesca will never know the events her mother endured, and will live her life happy, healthy, protected and free."

- Kimerlee Curyl

Also available:
13 x 25 unstretched canvas for $199.95 (2-3 weeks for shipment)
13 x 25 stretched canvas for $219.95 (2-3 weeks for shipment)
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