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Rod Chase - We The People

Rod Chase - We The People

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20 x 30 signed & numbered limited edition paper giclee print by artist Rod Chase
(only 500 in edition)

Also available:
20 x 30 paper giclee artist proof for $225 (only 50 in edition)
20 x 30 canvas giclee for $450 (only 350 in edition)
20 x 30 artist proof canvas giclee for $550 (only 35 in edition)
24 x 36 canvas giclee for $1,100 (only 150 in edition)
24 x 36 artist proof canvas giclee for $1,300 (only 15 in edition)
30 x 45 grande edition canvas giclee fo $1,500 (only 35 in edition)
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This print is signed, numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

"Morning is a favorite time of day for me. I usually get up around 4:30 am and paint while the house is quiet - before my family is up getting ready for school.

Most of my paintings, however, feature twilight or evening scenes with street lights and artificial light providing dramatic shadows and shapes.

This is a slight departure in that the subject is backlit by a dramatic early morning sky providing dazzling abstract shapes and colors in the reflecting pool." - Rod Chase


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