Rod Chase - America! America! - Limited Edition
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Rod Chase - America! America! - Limited Edition

Rod Chase - America! America! - Limited Edition

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17 x 34 limited edition (500 available) by artist Rod Chase

This canvas is signed and numbered.

Also available:
17 x 34 canvas for $395 (395 available)
20 x 60 canvas giclee for $895 (150 available)
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Photorealist Rod Chase is particularly taken with any scene that features strong reflections.

He has traveled to Washington, D.C., to see and photograph the more important buildings close-up, in the daylight, to have a record of accurate architectural detail on them.

Then, painting a moody scene like this one, he has to decide how much detail to keep and how much to lose because it detracts from the basic composition.

His most popular pieces, Liberty's Light and Dawn's Early Light, both featured reflections as a key - if not the key - element.


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