John Buxton - A Brief Delay At the Wall - Giclee on Canvas

John Buxton - A Brief Delay At the Wall - Giclee on Canvas

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20 x 25 limited edition signed & numbered giclee on canvas (25 in edition) by artist John Buxton

An abundant lacework of rivers, streams and lakes offered an easy means of travel for the Native Americans of the Northeast. The drama and beauty of these natural highways could be extraordinary. This great wall of water, with its deafening roar and constant cascade of mist, provides a welcome break from their bark canoes. Soon, they will portage around and above this waterfall to calmer waters and resume their journey through this unspoiled wilderness.

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32 x 40 signed and numbered giclee on canvas (only 10 in edition) for $845.00
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The canvas giclees are signed and numbered and come with a certificate of authenticity (COA).

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