G. Harvey Art Prints

G. Harvey Western and Horse Art Prints

G. Harvey grew up in the rugged hills north of San Antonio, Texas. His grandfather was a trail boss at 18 and helped create an American legend. So the American West is not only the artist’s passion but his birthright. Harvey and his wife still live near the hill country of Texas. Harvey’s early interest in sketching and drawing slowly evolved into a passion for painting in oils. He abandoned the security of a full-time job in 1963 and threw his total energy into a fine art career. The year 1965 brought acclaim for Harvey’s first prestigious show. He was then awarded American Artists’ Professional League’s New Master’s Award.

Harvey paints the spirit of America from its western hills and prairies to the commerce of its great cities. The Smithsonian Institution honored Harvey by selecting him for a one-man show. He has been the recipient of innumerable awards and the subject of three books. Through his art, our history lives.

"I generally have a horse in a picture" - G Harvey

G. Harvey - Neighborly Visit - NEW! - Oil Fields Canvas Giclee
G. Harvey - History in the Making - NEW! - Oil Derrick Canvas Giclee
G. Harvey - High Mountain Mercantile - Limited Edition
G. Harvey - Land of the Tetons - Canvas Giclee
G. Harvey - Rigged and Ready - Signed & Numbered Canvas Giclee
G. Harvey - Texas Heritage - Signed & Numbered Canvas Giclee
G Harvey - Making New Tracks - Western Print
G. Harvey - Gol-durn Trouble - Limited Edition Western Print
G. Harvey - Soft Canyon Light - Limited Edition Canvas Giclee
G Harvey - Bedrolls and Dreams - Canvas Giclee Print
G. Harvey - Cowhands of the West - Western Giclee Print
G. Harvey – Bunkhouse Lights - Limited Edition Canvas Giclee
G Harvey - Trailing The Canyon Light - Canvas Giclee
G Harvey - Oil Field Cowhand  - Limited Edition Print
G Harvey - Hard Tack and Mail - Canvas Giclee
G Harvey - Three Hands And A Hound - Giclee
G Harvey - With Bedroll And Beans - Canvas Giclee
G Harvey - Crossing The Breaks - Canvas Giclee
G. Harvey - Across Quiet Waters - Limited Edition Print
G. Harvey - Along the Canyon Wall - Limited Edition Print
G. Harvey - The American West - Limited Edition Print
G. Harvey – Biscuits for Breakfast - Limited Edition Canvas
G. Harvey - Blessings by the Bucket - Limited Edition Canvas
G. Harvey - Boot Top Crossing - Artist Proof  Canvas Giclee
G. Harvey - Boot Top Deep - Signed & Numbered Print
G. Harvey – Border Patrol - Western Print
G. Harvey - Boss’s New Rig - Limited Edition Print
G. Harvey - Bull Run - Limited Edition Civil War Print
G. Harvey - Bundled Blessed and Headin West - Canvas Giclee
G. Harvey Horse Art - Camp in the Tetons - Limited Edition
G. Harvey - Canyon Trails - Western Print
G. Harvey - Chores - Limited Edition Canvas Giclee
G. Harvey - Cimarron - Limited Edition Canvas
G Harvey - The Coming Home - Signed & Numbered Print
G Harvey - Corridor of Time - Limited Edition
G. Harvey - The Cowboys’ Christmas Ball - Limited Edition Print
G. Harvey - Cowboy Coffee - Limited Edition Serigraph
G. Harvey - Cowboy Country Club - Canvas  UNAVAILABLE
G. Harvey - Cowboy Courtin’ - Limited Edition Print
G. Harvey - Cowboy Gathering - Limited Edition Canvas Giclee
G Harvey - Cowtown 1880 - Limited Edition
G. Harvey - Cowtown Drifter - UNAVAILABLE

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G. Harvey Western and Horse Art Prints