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Choosing The Right Style

Glossary of Terms

A reproduction of a painting or photograph. Prints are usually on paper unless the word "canvas" is specified (see canvas description below).

Open edition
An open edition print is a reproduction of an original work of art which is literally unlimited (multiple print runs can be made). Because an infinite number can be printed, open edition prints are relatively inexpensive.

Limited Edition - Always Signed & Numbered (S/N)
A limited edition print is a one of a set number of produced prints meaning no additional copies will ever be produced. Many modern artists produce only limited editions. Usually the print is signed by the artist and numbered (such as 252/500) to show the unique number of that print and the total edition size. The value of a limited edition print is unpredictable and is based upon public demand for this product. Since it is a limited edition and only so many prints will be sold, when the print is sold out the value may increase if additional people desire to purchase it. Limited editions and all other art work should be purchased because you love it and want to enjoy it every day. If a print increases in value, then you have an added bonus!

Artist Proof (AP)
An Artist's Proof is a smaller edition of an image that also has a regular edition size. It is usually no more than 10 percent of the regular edition size. When an artist decides to reproduce a painting, he or she will go to a publisher. The publisher will print the first fifty or so and then stop. The publisher will then show the artist the results of the first fifty to await the artist's approval. If the artist approves of the publishers work (which they usually do), the publisher will continue with the rest of the edition. Those first few prints are designated as artist proofs. They will look exactly the same as a limited edition print, but they carry an "AP" in the corner of the print. Artist proofs are often highly coveted by collectors.

Pronounced "g-clay", Giclee is French for "spray of ink". Giclees are high resolution prints produced onto paper or canvas. Printing directly from information obtained from the original painting, Iris printers spray microscopic drops of color on to a fine art paper or canvas. Giclees are superior to traditional prints in nearly every way. The colors are brighter, last longer and are virtually a "continuous tone" rather than tiny dots.

Sepia is a stylistic reddish brown monochrome tint often used to give a picture a warm or antique feeling. It tends to have a softer look than black and white (grayscale).

A canvas is a reproduction of a painting onto a canvas base. Canvases are higher in cost than paper prints but are very popular because of their look, durability and practicality (glass is not needed when framing canvases). There are several ways to purchase canvas art such as unstretched, stretched, or gallery-wrapped/museum wrapped canvas styles.

As a general rule, canvases can take up to three weeks to arrive

Unstretched Canvas
An unstretched canvas is a canvas that is carefully rolled and shipped inside a sturdy tube. An unstretched canvas allows you to frame or mount the canvas to your own personal preference or at a future date. A professional framer mounts and creates a frame for an unstretched canvas. Most of the canvas products on are unstretched unless otherwise noted.

Stretched Canvas
A stretched canvas is mounted but is not framed. The canvas is professionally stretched on bars and fastened with tacks or staples which are visible on the sides. A stretched canvas is not a finished product. The stretching process precedes the framing process. The price for a stretched canvas is often quite higher than an unstretched canvas because of the costs associated with shipping a large flat package.

Gallery Wrapped Canvas (also known as Museum Wrapped)
Gallery wrap (or museum wrap) is a ready to hang method of displaying a stretched canvas. Gallery wrap canvases are unframed and wrapped over thick wooden bars with no visible staples or tacks. Some publishers use a continuous wrap style where the painting is literally wrapped over the edges of the wooden bars creating a sense of depth to the painting, while other publishers use border color where the edges are painted with a solid color.

Here is an example of a gallery wrapped canvas

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